Vehicle GPS & Mifi Box

From working with vehicles for many years we have seen the adoption of many services, like GPS tracking, weighing, RFID, handhelds, navigation, fuel sensors and many more. Today we can see that many of our customer’s vehicles have 3 - 4 sim cards installed, so the requirement to reduce the need to multiple sim cards / monthly cost was there

Besides this need we also need to be able to allow vehicle triggers to be communicated to the back office, like if the PTO or water was engaged / on, or if the fuel sensor was changed for example.

To get this project off the ground the entire micro PC from the camera project was copied over with the exception of the 220 fisheye camera lens of course - and added a new 3G/4G board. We then added bluetooth and wif antenna internally and also 4 external connectors onto the main board so we can connect these to the PTO for example to fetch vehicle triggers. We tend inserted a 3G sim and mounted the entire device into an IP68 case and applied glue compound to seal everything.

The device run Python once operational can be synced with our Android App for editing the system settings.


  • R&D Project GPS + Mifi Box
  • Industry Transportation
  • Manager Paul Kinsella
  • Year Started 2018
  • Product Version 0.6.8
  • Project Status Early Customer Trials