Waste Information Server

The Waste Information Server is the leading waste management software and hardware solution for garbage collection companies.

WIS is the complete end to end solution for waste management companies around the world. Its cloud based platform can handle all customer sizes and customer requirements - be it a large municipality handling thousands of household and commercial garbage collection customers or a mid sized RoRo skip collection service with 30 vehicles; WIS is adaptable for all requirements.

On the hardware side of things WIS has it all, from bin weighing, RFID scanning, handhelds for bin management, systems for weighbridges, but the major thing that really stands out is the onboard navigation system which enables any driver to drive any collection route.

WIS brings market innovation and energetic solutions to the Waste Management industry so if you would like your business to flourish then visit www.wiswm.com to contact the team.


  • Business Name: Waste Information Server
  • Industry: Garbage Collection
  • Manager Patrick Kinsella
  • Year. 2010